Sorif B. Mahmud

Founder, chairman, CEO and CTO of YRI Limited; founder, owner, chairman and CEO of Prime NXT Limited

Sorif B. Mahmud (pronounced: ʃoripʰ bi mahmud̪) is a Bangladeshi-Indian film critic, researcher, writer, screenwriter, script editor, novelist, blogger, webmaster, computer programmer, entrepreneur, and former child actor. He is the founder, chairman, CEO, and CTO of YRI Limited; founder, owner, chairman, and CEO of Prime NXT Limited. Renowned for his polished blogs, research contributions, and noteworthy quotes, he is recognized for his notable literary works, including the well-received novel series Tomio Amio and another novel Ami Abong Amitter Golpo.

Sorif B. Mahmud

Sorif B. Mahmud in 2023
Born Sorif B. Sarkar
8 August 2002
Sherpur, Bangladesh
Residence Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Hometown Tangail, Bangladesh
Citizenship Bangladeshi-Indian
Other names Polash
  • YRI Limited
    • YRI Foundation
    • YRI TV Network (temporary closed)
    • Verified Pedia (temporary closed)
    • YRI Express (permanently closed)
    • Qapp store (permanently closed)
    • Wikiyri (temporary closed)
      • YRI Data (temporary closed)
    • Developer Suggestion LLC (temporary closed)
    • SBM Space Rebels
  • Prime NXT Limited
    • Prime NXT
    • Prime Plus NXT (temporary closed)
    • Prime Music NXT
    • Cinematic Pulse Studio
  • Unique Pictures Entertainment Private Limited
    • Unique Pictures Entertainment
    • Unique Pictures Entertainment Global
    • Unique Pictures Entertainment, India
    • Unique Pictures Entertainment, Bangladesh (upcoming)

Occupation Researcher • film critic • writer • screenwriter • script editor • former actor • blogger • programmer • webmaster • entrepreneur • da'i
Years active 2012 - present
Organization YRI Limited
Prime NXT Limited
Height 5 ft 8 in
(m. 2019⁠–⁠2020)
Children Yasha R. Mahmud (died; 0 aged)
Parent(s) Liakat Hossain Mia (father)
Nunnaher Akhter (mother)
Relatives Brothers: Sabbir Hossain, Noyon Khan & Sazzad Hossain Hridoy

Sisters: Rimi & Fatima

Family Sarkar Family

Sorif B. Mahmud's poetic talent developed during his third-grade studies. He began writing poems and short stories in 2012. In 2020, he commenced research at ORCID and Publons. Simultaneously, he initiated blogging on the website Developer Suggestion LLC, establishing himself as the premier Bengali tech blog creator worldwide. In 2021, upon joining Dawah, he shifted focus away from writing and withdrew his books from all flipbook platforms.

Early life

Sorif B. Mahmud was born on 8 August 2002 in Sherpur, Bangladesh. His father Liakat Hossain Mia is a government employee and his mother Nunnahar Akter is a housewife. He is the four of six children.


Personal life

On 14 April 2019, Sorif B. Mahmud married to Israt Jahan Ira. Their first son, Yasha R. Mahmud, entered the world on 11 August 2020. Unfortunately, shortly after birth, on 19 August 2020, both Yasha and his mother Ira died in a road accident.





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Awards and Honors

  • Best Elegant Blogger - 2021
  • Best Programmer - 2022
  • Best Entrepreneur - 2022
  • Most Elegant Personality - 2023


He has faced criticism multiple times for being a Salafi Muslim. He was also criticized for his aggressive quotes and his unethical love affair.

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