This is the documentation page for Module:Wikitext Parsing

This module provides some functions to help with the rare processing mistake involved in modules like Module:Template parameter value, which intend to parse the raw wikitext of a page. This module is not to be used in #invoke: calls, as there's no use in doing so. All text will be handled by MediaWiki before reaching the module anyways, and there will likely be no meaningful output.

PrepareText Edit

PrepareText(text, keepComments) will run any content within certain tags that disable processing (<nowiki>, <pre>, <syntaxhighlight>, <source>, <math>) through mw.text.nowiki and remove HTML comments to avoid irrelevant text being processed by modules, allowing tricky syntax to be parsed through more basic means such as %b{}.

If the second parameter, keepComments, is set to true, the content of HTML comments will be passed through mw.text.nowiki instead of being removed entirely.

Any code using this function directly should consider using mw.text.decode to correct the output at the end if part of the processed text is returned, though this will also decode any input that was encoded but not inside a no-processing tag, which likely isn't a significant issue but still something worth considering.

ParseTemplates Edit

ParseTemplates(InputText, dontEscape) will attempt to parse all {{Templates}} on a page, handling multiple factors such as [[Wikilinks]] and {{{Variables}}} among other complex syntax. Due to the complexity of the function, it is considerably slow, and should be used carefully. The function returns a list of template objects in chronological order, which have the following properties:

  • Args: A key-value set of arguments, not in chronological order
  • ArgOrder: A list of keys in the chronological order they appear in the template
  • Children: A list of template objects in chronological order that are contained within the existing template. Only immediate children are listed
  • Name: The name of the template
  • Text: The raw text of the template

If the second parameter, dontEscape, is set to true, the inputted text won't be ran through the PrepareText function.